Common, Serious and Overdose Side Effects Of Modafinil

Modafinfil is used for treating excessive sleepiness in people with narcolepsy, sleep disorder and sleep apnea. It is a prescription medication used to promote wakefulness. This means that it helps people stay awake and alert, which is a problem for people suffering from narcolepsy. Modafinil works to promote wakefulness and it does not work like other stimulants. It affects the brain chemicals, but this is not how the drug works, as blocking modafinil effect on the chemicals of the brain does not stop it from working. Modafinil also is used for treating depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Though this helps people with narcolepsy, it has some side effects too.

Side Effects of Modafinil

Modafinil has negative effects. The uncomfortable side effects of the drug varies from person to person, but there are some side effects that are commonly experienced by all the individuals. The common negative effects include headaches, diarrhea and insomnia. The side effects of the drug enhance when the drug is taken throughout or after alcohol consumption. Therefore, doctors advice patients to stay away from alcohol.

Common side effects of Modafinil

The common side effects of Modafinil are headache, nausea, anxiety, nervousness and dizziness and difficulty in sleeping. For women who are sexually active, modafinil can alter the effectiveness of some forms of deliver control. Women are trying to get pregnant must stop using the treatment and use another birth control for a month after stopping. Other common side effects include nervousness, agitation, insomnia and dry mouth.


Less Common Side Effects of Modafinil

The less common side effects of modafinil includes black, tarry stools, blurred vision, clumsiness, trouble urinating, chills, fever, mental depression, shortness of breath, unusual weakness or tiredness, belching, back pain, decrease in appetite, decreased bowel movements. There is redness of skin, belching, sour stomach, sores or ulcers in the mouth, vomiting, indigestion, heart burn, stuffy nose, prickling sensation in the skin.

Serious Side Effects of Modafinil

Modafinil can cause some serious but rare side effects like chest pain, confusion, fainting, memory problems, trembling, uncontrolled movements of the face, mouth, tongue, bleeding and bruising, rapid mood swings, hallucinations, abnormal thoughts. There are irregular heartbeats, signs of infection. A very serious allergic reaction can occur, it is rare but can occur. Rash, itching, blisters on the skin, skin peeling can occur. If these serious allergic reactions or side effects occur stop taking this medication and seek immediate medical attention

Overdose Side Effects

Overdose side effects are excitement, pounding heartbeat, increased blood pressure, sleep apnea etc.

Other Side Effects

Dermatological· Toxic epidermal necrolysis· Drug rash with esosinophilia· Herpes simplex· Dry skinHypersensitivity· Angioedema· Swelling of face, eyes, lips, larynx and hoarseness of the voice etc.· Multi-organ hypersensitivity reactions such as hepatitis, myocarditis, liver function abnormalities, hematological abnormalities etc.Psychiatric· Delusions· Suicidal tendencies· Depression· Mania· Psychosis

  • · Hypotension
  • · Hypertension
  • · Vasodialation
  • · Arrhythmia
  • · Syncope
  • · Premature ventricular contractions


  • · Nausea
  • · Anorexia
  • · Abnormal liver function
  • · Vomiting
  • · Gingivitis
  • · Thirst
  • · Hyper salivation
  • · Mouth ulcers


  • · Rhinitis
  • · Pharyngitis
  • · Lung disorder
  • · Dyspnea
  • · Asthma
  • · Epistaxis

Nervous system

  • · Hypertonia
  • · Cataplexy
  • · Paraethesia
  • · Dyskinesia
  • · Amnesia
  • · Ataxia
  • · Depression


  • · Amblyopia
  • · Abnormal vision


  • Hyperglycemia
  • Albuminuria


  • · Abnormal urine
  • · Urinary retention
  • · Abnormal ejaculation

Some side effects of modafinl may not medical attention. As your body adjusts to the medicine during treatment the side effects go away. Health care professionals will also advice you on how to reduce or prevent these side effects. If you find any of the side effects continuing or any of the above mentioned serious side effects then you need immediate medical attention.



provigil-200mg-pillsWhat is Modafinil? It is type of an oral drug that is used for promoting sleeplessness. It is normally used in patients who sleep excessively. It promotes vigilance in patients through stimulation of brain, though medical experts are not fully aware of the mechanism it uses to improve the vigilance. It is suspected to be working by increasing the amount of dopamine. Dopamine is a process of neurotransmitter that is used by nerves to aide communication with each other in the brain by minimizing the continuous uptake of dopamine into the nerves. This drug was accredited by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998. Modafinil may also be referred to as a pro-vigil drug.

This drug is used in the treatment of patients who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is kind of chronic disease that attacks brain and spinal cord which results in uncontrollable desire to sleep. Shift work sleep is a condition that results in the alteration of the normal rhythm of sleep; shift work sleep is normally brought about by working at night and sleeping at day time. While sleep apnea is a condition that leads to constant disturbance of sleep at night which is due to pause in breathing or shallow breathing which is as a result of destruction of the upper airway.

Recommended dosage of Modafinil

The required dosage of modafinil is 200 mg once daily and it should not exceed 400 mg if need be. For those who are having narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea should use it in the morning. And for those patients with shift work disorder, should use it an hour prior to work. One good thing about this drug is that, it can be consumed with or without food. And remember that, the 200 mg dose is more effective than the 400 mg dose.

Precaution about Modafinil

You should be aware that, this drug may either increase or decrease the activeness of enzymes in the liver that aides in the metabolizing of other drugs. For those patients with the conditions such as hypertonic to the drug or any other constituents of tablets such as lactose or may be previously suffered from cardiovascular problems especially when using other stimulants or a condition known as cirrhosis. If you are a patient with the above discussed conditions, consult a medical expert.

Modalert-300x234Side effects of Modafinil

There are no much side effects of modafinil as compared to its parent drug known as adrafinil which cause those effects such as skin irritation, anxiety, stomach pain and elevated liver enzymes. But some of the common side effects of modafinil include back pain, headache, drowsiness, nausea, nervousness, stuffy nose, dizziness, trouble sleeping and to some extreme situation diarrhea.

It is good to note that, the long term effectiveness of modafinil has not been determined by the researchers. Others have in fact referred to this drug as a drug abuse due to its ability to deter sleepiness. To some extreme situations, this drug may lead to conditions such as rapid euphoria and hyper agitation alongside nasal congestion. Finally, if you are under this drug, be careful enough not to over dose yourself, for you to avoid the above discussed side effects and always seek for doctors’ approval first.

Informatve And Educative Details About The Various Uses Of Modafinil

zyprexa bottlesModafinil is a medication that is categorized as a stimulant mainly because of its ability to help users stay awake. This medication has various ingredients which include pregelatinized starch, providone, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and lactoce. These ingredients are usually tested to ensure that they do not cause harmful side effects to the users. However, despite this medication being categorized as a stimulant, there are various uses of Modafinil.

Sleep disorders

Modafinil is commonly prescribed to people who have different kinds of sleep disorders. Some of the sleep disorders that are treated using this medication include shift-work sleep disorder which affects people who work varied shifts, narcolepsy which is a condition which makes the affected people experience overwhelming drowsiness and Parkinson’s disease which makes people affected experience excessive daytime sleepiness amongst others amongst others. The stimulating effect of this drug is primarily the one which is applied when treating these sleeping disorders. That is why many people are advised to use this medication in the morning so that they can be able to remain a wake during the day without drowsiness.

Alexis_Pills_v2_630xWeight loss

Modifilin is also commonly used by people with excess weight because it has the ability to help such people lose weight effectively. The fact that it is categorized as a stimulant plays a major role in weight loss since it helps in increasing the rate of metabolism. As a result, the bodies of the users are able to burn more calories as they require more energy to sustain the increased metabolism. Being a stimulant also helps in weight loss because users of this medication are able to be physically active for the whole day without feeling drowsy. This means that such people are able to engage in physical activities which are ideal for weight loss. This medication also causes nausea in some people which makes them vomit from time to time. This is also considered as an effective way of losing weight since it reduces the calories absorbed by the body. Furthermore, Modafilin has components which suppress appetite. This means that the people who use this medication are able to eat just small quantities of food and feel full for long periods. As a result, such people are able to control their cravings and eating habits therefore enhancing weight loss. In fact, weight loss is one of the most popular uses of Modafinil.

Sleep apnea

This medication is also used a condition known as sleep apnea which is a condition where part of the throat collapses continually during sleep. This condition makes people have uncomfortable sleep because whenever the section of throat collapses, the affected people usually wake up. This condition also makes the affected people snore loudly which can be a major issues especially for people sleeping on the same bed such as couples. After using this medication the affected people are able to sleep normally since the medication rectifies the problem of throat collapsing continually during sleep.

abc_provigil_070724_mnClinical depression

People with clinical depression are also treated using Modafinil. This is because the stimulating effect of this drug usually makes the brain relax and therefore people affected by depression are able to concentrate well. This is primary attributed to the fact that science has shown that depression is usually caused by the brain being overworked and tired which is usually the case while feeling drowsy. Therefore, there are various uses of Modafinil which include helping people lose weight effectively.

Narcolepsy Symptoms – Spot It To Fight It!

Narcolepsy--woman-asleep--006Narcolepsy is usually a neurological medical disorder which controls your sleep as well as wakefulness. Even though the symptoms of this disorder vary from one person to another, there are four main symptoms. These include daytime sleepiness, muscle weakness or cataplexy while you are awake, sleep paralysis and hallucinations. If you are suffering from this condition, you are likely to experience one or more of these narcolepsy symptoms. These symptoms can even range from mild to severe.

Usually narcolepsy begins at the age of 15 years to 25 years, but can become apparent at any age. In fact, in many cases it goes unnoticed and so remains untreated.

Quick look at the symptoms:

Excessive daytime sleepiness

All people who suffer from narcolepsy complain of excessive daytime sleepiness. It is one of the obvious symptoms of the disorder. Throughout the day you might experience sleepiness at various intervals. Each period generally lasts for about 30 minutes or sometimes less. Even strong emotions like excitement, fear, anger or laughter can initiate the sleepiness. People who suffer from daytime sleepiness complain of mental fog or cloudiness, problems in focusing or memory problems, extreme exhaustion and depression. Some people even fall asleep due to lack of activity, for instance, when they are watching television, sitting or reading.

treatment-of-narcolepsy-diseaseMuscle weakness or cataplexy

This situation occurs when there is loss of muscle tone while you are still awake. Muscle weakness tends to affect the entire body in such cases. It can either make your head nod or you may find difficulty speaking. That’s not all; muscle weakness can make your knees extremely weak, resulting in dropping things from your hand. Just like sleepiness, cataplexy is also triggered by strong emotions such as laughter, anger, fear or excitement. This condition lasts for about a few minutes. In fact, cataplexy can occur weeks or years of experiencing sleepiness.


One of the other narcolepsy symptoms includes hallucinations. If you suffer from narcolepsy, you can experience hallucinations while you are sleeping, dozing off or while waking up. The most important thing about these hallucinations, it feels extremely real. You might feel like you can see, taste, smell or hear things.

Sleep paralysis

This is another important symptom of narcolepsy, which prevents you from moving while you are sleeping or while waking up. But the most important thing, you are fully conscious or awake while experiencing it. Even though sleep paralysis exists for a few minutes or seconds, it can be really scary.

Narcolepsy-TrueMedCostSome more symptoms

People who suffer from narcolepsy find it difficult to sleep at night. They might experience some difficulty falling asleep as well as staying asleep. Scary and vivid dreams usually disturb them. Above all, not getting good sleep worsens daytime sleepiness condition.

Often people who fall asleep while eating continue to do it for a few minutes. This is known as automatic behavior. People who experience such conditions are not aware of their activity. They even don’t do well, for instance, if you fall asleep while writing, you might just scribble something instead of writing something meaningful.

These are some of the narcolepsy symptoms which people experience. Depending on the severity of the disorder, these symptoms vary from person to person.

Narcolepsy and its Treatment approaches

Sleeping at workNarcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that results from autoimmunity. The immune system normally attack pathogens attacking the body but not the body’s structures, in narcolepsy the immune system is seriously attacking the hypocretin producing neurons. Hypocretin regulates the sleep-wake cycle therefore the destruction of these neurons producing hypocretin makes the brain not able to regulate this cycle. Narcolepsy has gradual progressive symptoms that get worse day by day making people to real suffer if not identified early.

Signs and symptoms associated with Narcolepsy.

The cardinal sign of Narcolepsy is catalepsy. This is the inability or weakness of muscles that one experiences when waking up from sleep. Speech muscles and other facial muscles may be involved making it talking difficult to talk properly, knees may be weak and neck muscles feel rigid. These episodes May be triggered by things like sudden laughter or emotional stimulation and they last from few seconds to some minutes. Person’s consciousness is not altered unlike in epileptic seizures. There is tendency of these people experiencing anxiety and self denial that makes them isolate themselves from others.

There is the excessive daytime sleepiness that people with narcolepsy experiences even after having good night sleep. The person normally feel drowsy and weak not able to concentrate on anything. This is because narcoleptic people do not get sufficient sleep as such at night due to regular disturbances of the sleep process. They can just wake up at night without any reason not to sleep again till morning.

The person may also experience hallucinations and sleep paralysis. Paralysis occurs during waking up and before sleeping which lasts from few seconds to minutes in which after that the person gains full memory and return back to normal. Hallucinations involve vivid illusions of things that do not exist. I t occurs few minutes before sleep and few minutes before waking up.

narcolepsyDiagnosis of Narcolepsy

Before doing any test, a well elaborated patient history should be taken by the practitioner. Details on onset and severity of symptoms should be taken. If catalepsy is present it can be confirmed by two diagnostic tests. One is called polysomnogram that involves recording all the biometric changes of a person during sleep. It helps to identify the defects of sleep in a person and their severity. The other one is multiple sleep latency tests that help in measuring sleep latency. It’s used to measure time lapsed from daytime sleep to first signs of sleep.

Treatment of Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy medicine does not cure the disorder completely but instead it helps in alleviating the symptoms. There is a wide range of medications that one can use depending on severity. Time to control symptoms may take weeks to months depending on person’s response to the drugs.

Those used in treating daytime sleepiness are drugs that stimulate the nervous system. They include drugs like amphetamine, methylphenidate, modafinil and amodafinil. These drugs act by improving the work of neurotransmitters making
one to be alert always.

The other drugs are used to treat catalepsy and they include clomipramine and imipramine as well sodium oxybate.

What you Need to Know About Modafinil

imagesFor those of you in countries that are English-speaking, it comes in the brand name Provigil, Modavigil and Alertec. Modafinil is an oral prescription drug that may treat fatigue, obstructive sleep apnea, too much uncontrollable daytime sleepiness or hyperactivity disorder. It can generally be described as creating a wakeful state in patients who are sleepy. It works by this stimulating the brain’s function. It is not yet detenined hoe modafinil stimulates wakefulness.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Being the most common form of apnea, it is characterized by one having very short breaths while they are asleep. At rimes, one may even stop breathing altogether. It happens because the upper airway blocks partially or completely creating difficulty in breathing. These kind of occurrences are what interferes with a state of normalcy in sleep. Sufficient oxygen flow to the body’s vital organs can be greatly hindered. It is due to the irregular heart rhythms that tend to accompany Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Buy-Modafinil1Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

It is characterized by a very low attention span. Though it can happen to people with different mental capabilities, those with learning disorders are more affected. There is also an impulsive tendency. Patients tend to be very forgetful and cannot cope with tasks that demand consistent mental input. They have a hard time concentrating.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder(SWSD)

It is all about having shifts that go against the body’s circadian rhythm and one has difficulty adjusting to the inconsistent sleep pattern. This kind of sleeping interference triggers the Shift Work Sleep Disorder. One can experience fatigue and a general lack of concentration. To overcome this, you have to create a sleeping schedule that you can stick to in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Before administering modafinil, correct diagnosis must be made on the actual underlying sleep disorder. Modafinil does not eliminate the sleeping disorder but gives you an improved condition. This drug has to be taken for a lengthy time sometimes over 9 or 12 weeks depending on the disorder. 200 mg of modafinil is the ideal recommended dosage. For patients with extreme hepatic impairment, no correct dosage strategy has been determined hitherto. Do not consume modafinil if you are allergic to magmesium stearate, pregelatinized starch, lactose monohydrate or armodafinil (Nuvigil).

220px-Modafinil3dIntentionally and carefully analyzing your sleep pattern can help you identify when you are straining your body or expecting too much for too little rest. The support of family members and those around you will make this process easier to cope with. There will be people to lean on whenever you start feeling overwhelmed.You must sustain a peaceful and relaxed mind at all cost to keep your health in the correct lane. Modafinil can cause an alteration in moods and general perception. As people grow older, a lower dosage of modafinil and its metabolites should be administered .

Modafinil should not be viewed as a replacement for getting a normal sleeping routine. Some side effects that might tag along the usage of this drug include:

  • blisters
  • peeling
  • allergic reactions
  • rashes
  • hives
  • sores in your mouth
  • yellowing of either your eyes or skin

It is always recommended that you see your doctor before popping any pills or tablets.

Modafinil for Students – Explaining its Success

modafinil_australiaStudent life is a very particular one since academic demands seem never ending, this is just one of the reasons why chemical cognitive enhancement is making headlines. As an example of this, Modafinil for students is very popular; recent studies have shown that up to one in five students at United Kingdom universities have tried this drug in order to improve their study hours and to be able to stay awake for longer periods of time. The drug was originally created to chemically dissuade narcoleptics from falling asleep and to empower soldiers to stay up all night. Students began to feel curious about it; for this reason some of its most interesting effects will be explained next.

1. Improve concentration along with wakefulness
Social proof is a very important force in the world of students. This has increased Modafinil’s popularity tenfold among students since they have experientially corroborated what scientific tests are showing. The urge to slack off is strong in a largely unsupervised population of young people who need to get good grades and who are spending a considerable amount of money to get ahead; their solution, like many solutions in modern culture tend to seek immediacy and the powerful, yet subtle effects of the drug which lead to better study, positions it as a great choice for many.

2. Fighting distraction, shiny object syndrome and biology
As it was previously mentioned, it tends to be hard for a student to concentrate on a particular subject for a long period of time; this can be attributed to modern culture along with innate biology. Modafinil for students is presented as an answer and an antidote for these concerns. What does it effects feel like? First of all it doesn’t present the side effects of other cognitive enhancement drugs like caffeine, where a certain twitchiness is the result of nervous energy or amphetamines which cause euphoria.
3. The right effects at the right price
After exploring some of the main reasons of the Modafinil for Students phenomena you may be wondering, how long do the effects last? The short answer is around six hours for a one hundred to two hundred mg. dose. After analyzing the large amount of students who have tested the drug it is worth wondering, what is the student’s profile prone to taking it? Recent data shows that the individuals with less available time in their hands like those who study and work at the same time tend to indulge in the academic benefits of the drug.

As you can see, the benefits of Modafinil for students are many they fall under the category of learning performance enhancements. Although there are some people who question the morals of using study drugs in general truth is that they have been used in some form or another from times immemorial. High level of use among students and other populations has already answered this question; pharmaceutical companies will create even better versions as time goes by, more powerful and yet safer. The drug’s success in the student population is reflected in better grades and therefore, better jobs; incentives for taking it are many and with little or no side effects it may seem like a no-brainer.